Private vs. Public cloud

Imagine going bowling and strapping on a shoe from the premises. Many people would wear the same shoe. This is roughly how the public cloud model works. On the other hand, a private cloud is you renting a shoe specifically for your use. No one else would be allowed to wear it.

The public cloud differs from a private cloud in the underlying fact that multiple users can access a public cloud. In contrast, a private cloud is specific to a particular organization. But the data of each user is hidden from the others.

An organization that decides to adopt a public cloud service can reap many benefits.

  • Cut down IT operational costs by a considerable margin.
  • Rapid scalability to meet the surge in demands.
  • No wastage of resources as you pay for what you use.
  • Less time for server management.
  • Strong cybersecurity resources.

Benefits of using a public cloud service

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